Terms & Conditions

  • I acknowledge my lawn is less than 7-8 inches tall and orders can be rejected and refunded if overgrown.
    • A surcharge may be assessed for overgrown grass.

  • On-demand mowing includes pruning grass to industry standard height (3.5”-4”) when appropriate, grass clippings mulched, light trimming (weed wacking) around structures, and most grass clippings blown off hard surfaces.

  • I will allow access to my lawn including any gates or entry ways.

  • I will remove any items in the grass; such as, toys, bikes, branch debris, lawn furniture, etc. I further understand the grass may be cut around such objects and agree to such.

  • I will make sure all pets are in doors or in their kennel.

  • I understand this order is dependent on weather and reasonable mowing conditions such as excessive moisture, flooding or too soggy.