Easy Promotions
Effortless Financial Boost
Convenient Scheduling
Easy Promotions
Effortless Financial Boost
Convenient Scheduling
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Simple, Hassle-Free Fundraising

At Lawnhiro, we believe in supporting our communities through hyperlocal schools, organizations, and other nonprofits. Our fundraiser is designed to be both beneficial and hassle-free, providing your community organization with a chance to raise funds while offering a valuable service to families in your area.

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Step 1 - Fundraising Program - Lawnhiro

Step 1

Apply For Your Code

Fill out our simple application.

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Step 2 - Fundraising Program - Lawnhiro

Step 2

Customize Your Campaign

We will help you get set up with a quick 1-on-1 call to tailor to your organization’s unique needs and get you on your way.
Step 3 - Fundraising Program - Lawnhiro

Step 3

Promote & Engage

Spread the word within your community through social media, newsletters, and local events. Engage with your supporters and share the impact of your fundraising efforts.
Step 4 - Fundraising Program - Lawnhiro

Step 4

Enjoy The Benefits

Raise funds for your nonprofit while providing a convenient and efficient solution for the community to achieve their lawn care needs.

Everything You Need to Give Back To Your Community

Fundraising Program - Lawnhiro

Why Choose Lawnhiro?

Community Support: Encourage your community to support each other while enjoying well-maintained lawns.

Easy Promotion: Share the custom promotion code through newsletters, social media, and other communication channels to reach a wide audience.

Financial Boost: Raise funds for your community organization effortlessly. The more the code is used, the more your nonprofit benefits.

Convenient: Families can conveniently book lawn care services online and contribute to the fundraiser at the same time.

Win-Win: Members of your community receive quality lawn care services, and your nonprofit receives a portion of the proceeds.

Fundraising Program - Lawnhiro

Lawnhiro makes lawn care easier for families.

No Phone Calls: We don't require you to make any phone calls. It's as simple as clicking a button to order our service.

No Contracts: There are absolutely no contracts neccessary to use our web app and our services.

No Long-Term Commitments: Order once or as many times as you want! There are no long-term commitments.
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Rated 5 out of 5 by happy customers
Quickly & Above Satisfaction

"I am currently moving to a different house while my husband is hospitalized with serious medical issues. I needed my yard mowed at the new house but just don't have time for everything. This service responded quickly and the work done is above satisfactory! I'll be using their service again for sure!!"

- Linda C.
Too Easy
"My mower broke and my lawn needed to be mowed. I used LawnHiro and the next day someone was out and took care of my lawn. It was too easy!"
- Chad W.
Came Out That Day

"I have a busy work schedule with all my kids sports. I had hardly any time to keep up with my yard. Lawnhiro made it easy to focus on my children rather than my yard. It was a super easy process to fill out a request to mow. Not only was it easy, but they were even able to come out that same day. I will definitely be using Lawnhiro again!"

- Jarrett H.
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Rated 5 out of 5 by happy customers

Don't delay, make a difference for your nonprofit now!

With budgets tightening and programs facing potential cutbacks, every dollar counts. By signing up for our fundraising program with Lawnhiro, you have the power to make a real difference for your nonprofit.